Canadian Nephrite Jade

We offer unique artisan hand-carved Canadian Nephrite jade mined from British Columbia. We are affiliated with a GIA gemologist who guarantees all our jade. We ship each product with an enclosed guarantee of authenticity.

The striking green jade is natural and not dyed or treated to enhance color. We do not sell imitation jade such as chrysoprase and aventurine quartz to mention a few.

Canadian Nephrite Jade has the same mineral composition as hetian-yu, the most well-known Nephrite Jade from China.

Chinese jade, the imperial gem, also known as The Stone of Heaven, has been revered by the Chinese for more than 5, 000 years.

 Jade is thought to ward off evil and misfortune while promoting wisdom, balance and peace, attracting love and bring about good luck.

We are a respected online retailer of Canadian Nephrite Jade. We offer conversation pieces to be worn or showcased in your home or office. We present unique worldly treasures with polished natural beauty.

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