Nephrite Jade Inukshuk Charm wth Optional Necklace

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This inukshuk charm is hand carved out of 100% Canadian Nephrite jade. 

An inukshuk is an Inuit word that translated means "stone man that points the way." Inukshuks are stone cairns that were erected by Inuit at prominent locations throughout the barrens to serve as hunting and navigational aids, coordination points and message centres or sacred places.

The bails and jump rings are silver or gold toned.

Option to order with a sterling silver chain; 16" (40.6cm), 18" (45.7cm), 24" (61cm)

Measures approximately 18mm (0.71")

Please note that all natural stones are subject to variances in color, texture and size. Also note that monitor settings may vary from computer to computer and may distort the actual color.