Water Fruit Infusion Squeezer Cup Bottle 650ml

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This handy 650 ml water bottle transforms regular water into your favorite fruit-flavored drink. Be creative and find your healthy thirst-quenching drink; mix lemons, grapefruits, watermelon, berries, mint, basil, the list goes on. 

Take this bottle anywhere; indoors, outdoors, sports, the gym, yoga, the office or traveling.

It's reusable, recyclable and carbonated water-friendly. Made from BPA-free plastic, silicone and stainless steel. It is 24.4 x 5.6 x 7 cm ( 9.6" x 2" x 2.7") 


·     Inclusive Inner Strainer/ Filter - Keep your fruit / Ice in your bottle without clogging your drinking spout.
·    Easy to clean & dishwasher safe water bottle.

How to use:

  Place fruit or herbs in lower portion, twist on and add water into the bottle. And way you go.


·     Recommend: Use water below 60°C to brew juice to prevent loss of vitamins.
·     Please don't leave lemon overnight in the juicer filter, please wash the lemon cup immediately 

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