Hand Carved Canadian Nephrite Jade Twist Bangle

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This is an exquisite hand carved 100% Canadian Nephrite Jade twist bangle.

Many women will wear a small jade bangle around their wrist believing that the stone will protect them from harm and keep them healthy.

Jade bangles stand for protection, love and balance. 

Ours is made from 100% Canadian Nephrite natural B grade quality jade.

The photo says it all!

It measures 2.2" x 0.5" (55mm x 12.5mm).

How to Find Your Size:

The easiest way to find your jade bangle size is to decide which wrist you will wear your bangle.

Place your hand on a flat surface.

Then measure between the highest points, which are the middle of the knuckle, of your first and fourth knuckles. This is your bangle size.

See video below.

This shows the points on your knuckle you should measure between.

When you measure, place your hand FLAT on a flat surface, then measure the distance between the points.

Please note that all natural stones are subject to variances in color, texture and size. Also note that monitor settings may vary from computer to computer and may distort the actual color. 

Ships within 2 days after receiving cleared payment with tracking number.

Canada; 2-8 Business days

United States; 2-4 Business days

International; 5-22 Business days

What is Jade?

The term 'Jade' is commercially applied to 2 different metamorphic rocks; Nephrite and Jadeite.

Nephrite, the original jade, is an amphibole. It dates back 8,000 years with its first use in ancient China. The toughest natural stone due to its felted interlocking fibers.

Jadeite, jade's considerably younger counterpart is pyroxene with a more crystalline structure.

Canadian Nephrite Jade 

Nephrite Jade comes in a variety of colors. Our stunning Nephrite Jade is mined along the coast range of British Columbia.

It is world renown for being the brightest, hardest, greenest Nephrite Jade ever found. The stunning green ranges from lighter apple green to rich emerald green to near black.

We grade our Nephrite Jade on its natural quality, not its type of treatment like Jadeite does. 

Clarity describes the absence of inclusions and fractures in the jade. For grading purposes, the richer the color and depth of translucency, the finer the Jade.

Beware of the many green stones on the market being sold as Nephrite Jade; dyed quartz and serpentine are the most common.

Remember, Nephrite Jade is as individual as you!