Stainless Steel Healing Magnetic Bracelet 3 Health Care Elements for 09Men

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We have 6 different design health bracelets all made from stainless steel.

Here is the importance of the reasons for the different components that are included with this bracelet to promote energy magnetic therapy.

1. Magnets can improve the body's immune function, mainly used to relief dizziness, palpitation, insomnia, irritability and dreaminess. 

2. FIR-Far Infrared Red can promote the growth and health of living cells. It can be accelerate blood circulation, adjust blood pressure, improve arthralgia, adjust autonomic nerve, promote metabolism. 

3. Negative ions can improves sleep quality, increase the oxygen content, and is beneficial to oxygen transmission, absorption, and utilization.  

4. Germanium powder can shields the electromagnetic radiation in our daily life. Adjusts blood pressure, reduce fatigue.

The energy is 1000-1500 ions.

The plating is IPG black plating.

The bracelet measures 8.25" x 0.6" (21 x 1.5cm).

It's easy to wear with a Free size adjusting tool ( extra pin inside the bottom).

Allowing you effortlessly to adjust the bracelet to your requirements at home, also can come with a  gift box.