Pregnant Women's Filigree Harmony Chime Angel Bola Pendant Necklace

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Some call it......Angel Caller Ball, Pregnancy Ball, Harmony Ball, Chime Ball, Mexican Bolas, Bali Harmony Balls, Silvertone.

The dainty filigree pregnancy ball with sweet cubic zirconia chimes as the mom-to-be goes through her day.

Moms and their babies are relaxed by these chimes and a special bond is created. Many generations of mothers swear by the soothing and calming effect that pregnancy balls have on their babies during their pregnancy and also after birth.

Following the birth, the familiar tingling chime creates a warm, secure and soothing feeling that works effectively on the baby.

Moms-to-be can wear the ball about 20 weeks into her pregnancy when she feels the first flutter of baby movement. From this stage in pregnancy, a baby can easily hear and distinguish sounds heard through the womb.

You will receive a silver-plated on white copper (all lead and cadmium free) Chime Pendant Ball (20mm) plus a 30" long necklace.

Metals Type: Silver-plated copper

Ball Size: 20mm

Necklace Size: 30inch silver color chain (about 88cm)


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